Saturday June 29th, 2024

Back to the Jenks Center:  Note that the June 22nd date (on Jenks website) is not correct - I’ll send a note to fix that today.

Bring a song you want to play (and maybe lead?) !!

Friday May 31th, 2024

Arlene’s memorial service in Waltham.  

Amazing Grace in C.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow- 2 pages.

Amazing Grace-C.pdf

Saturday May 25th, 2024

Last chance to play together before PorchFest on June 8th.

FINAL version right here --> 

We can practice the 2 songs for Arlene for 5/31 - see above.


Saturday May 4th, 2024

Let's continue to play the preliminary list for PorchFest. See the list below under Feb 10th event or get to the list directly at this link:   2024PorchFest-June8

This shared drive contains songs, chord charts, and previous playlists: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RqA3ZnrkeMJdvVWpjIWSRggLsSHmb6mK?usp=drive_link

Saturday April 20th, 2024

Let's play the preliminary list for PorchFest. See the list below under Feb 10th event or get to the list directly at this link:   2024PorchFest-June8

Overall if songs are about 3 minutes long, we will need about 20 songs to fill the hour.  For a public space with people mostly passing through (similar to farmers market) there's no problem playing a song a second time.   If there are some that you would like to add or remove, let me know.  


Saturday April 6th, 2024

No playalong Saturday March 23rd, 2024

See below for some songs we will do, and the big list of candidates for PorchFest (on June 8th) - keep scrolling down.  Reminder: you can bookmark the list or use the "back" button on your browser to come back to this page.

Adding one more song for 4/6:  Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Valli).   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OSLPJh3SJYgg2hv2s2G6-huUfphu-grJ/view?usp=drive_link 

Saturday February 24th, 2024

Look at the PorchFest list from below.   Nice to have June, Sarah, Anna, Ann, Diane, Kiyomi, and others join us today.

Saturday February 10th, 2024

Tentative playlist run through for Porchfest (June 8, 2024 3-4pm at Main St and Mystic Valley Parkway, Winchester).  Videos will be updated as play is smoother; meanwhile it can give you an idea what we are trying to do. 

Click on time below to play song from Feb 10:

00:00 Margaritaville
03:32 Danny's Song
08:10 Daniel
12:35 Hallelujah
15:04 Will You Love Me Tomorrow
17:33 Country Road
20:47 Brown Eyed Girl
24:16 Imagine

20240212 playalong at the Jenks Center


Saturday January 27, 2023

Trying out different songs for PorchFest (click on time stamp below to play video at that song):

00:00 Oh Boy

01:10 I saw her standing there

03:08 Imagine (there's no Facebook)

04:38 Proud Mary

06:39 Higher and Higher

07:59 Five foot two

09:04 Im a Believer

11:18 Walkin on Sunshine

12:43 Brown Eyed Girl

15:42 Nothing Matters when we're dancing

18:34 Have you Ever. Seen the Rain

20:51 Heartbreak Tonight

23:19 The Way You Look Tonight

26:45 Octopus's Garden

29:10 I'll Fly Away

Saturday January 13, 2023

New Year, trying a new location and new time:    Saturday from 12:15pm to 2pm at the Jenks Center https://www.jenkscenter.org/jenks-parking 

The street address is:

109 Skillings Road, Winchester, MA  01890

It's across the parking lot from Winchester Town Hall.

Please note that Jenks Center policy requires registration at the desk so if you are not already a member (it's free), please arrive a few minutes early to get those formalities cleared.  If the weather is really bad the Jenks follows school cancellation policy -- if school is canceled, the center is closed. 

We will be playing in the Craft Room in the basement (take the elevator down, or look for the stairs at the coffee sitting area at the higher level (a few steps up on the left).   Other days we might use the Jenks Room on the main level. When you check in at the front desk that's when you confirm where we will be.

Note: the back story to Deportees in Wikipedia

See description part of YT for individual songs https://youtu.be/hi2uLCWq3zI 

Songs for Saturday:

In addition to the PorchFest 2023 songbook, let's also play these:

Blue Bayou

Will You Still Love Me?

Mister Tambourine Man

Deportees  (in F) play along w/YT

From a Distance (in G) (piano score for melody line)

Make you Feel my Love (in G)

Crying in the Rain 

and more as they come in!

Songs from last year's Indoor Farmers Market (Nov 2023) (click on time stamp to play along):

00:00 Oh Boy
02:34 As Time Goes By
05:03 I Saw Her Standing There
07:15 You’re 16
09:01 Charlie on the MTA
12:47 The Rose
16:41 American Pie
21:07 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
25:08 Blue Skies
27:05 The Way You Look Tonight
29:50 City of New Orleans
33:52 Country Road
36:22 You Belong to Me
38:45 It’s a Wonderful World
40:41 I’ll Fly Away
42:51 Let it Be
45:30 Blowing In the Wind
47:43 When I Fall in Love
51:02 Octopus’s Garden
53:33 Mercedes Benz
54:58 Where is Your Heart
56:59 Slip Sliding Away
01:01:05 Early in the Morning
01:03:06 Danny Boy
01:06:06 Margaritaville

...aaand more from... Farmers Market Nov 19, 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPio9R48M4s 

00:00 You’re 16
02:01 Ripple
06:09 Octopus’s Garden
08:49 Aint She Sweet
10:38 City of New Orleans
14:12 Blue Skies
16:25 Eidelweiss
18:12 Side by Side
20:05 Country Roads
22:40 This Land is Your Land
24:31 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
28:11 Blowing in the Wind
30:28 Hes Got The Whole World
32:24 Wagon Wheel
36:07 Yellow Submarine
38:23 Red River Valley
40:47 Rock Around The Clock
42:29 This Little Light Of Mine
44:34 King of the Road
46:44 As Tears Go By
49:25 Have You Ever Seen the Rain
52:02 Proud Mary
54:19 Mercedes Benz
55:46 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (wheee)