It's Red Kettle Bell Ringing Time again!  Aiming for Saturday, December 9th  12:30-1:30pm.

In the space outside the Starbucks in downtown Winchester.  We can reuse the 2018 book.

Thank you so much to the Christmas, Haile, Miller, Ou, Murgatroyd and Lam families for ringing the bell last weekend! Some pictures are attached. We raised $680.00 more for people in need in our area. Special thanks as well to Lynne Caldwell and her family for managing the kettle for us on Saturday!


Indoor Farmers Market 2023: November 18th 9:30am start.

Arrive, find your seat, set up music stand, and get tuned up to start playing around 9:30am.  We have 2 hours of play time - stay as long as you like (or can), come late if you have other things to do. We'll use the Porchfest songbook (see below) that was rained out in June.  Last chance to play together before this will be November 5th (location tbd but likely Sanborn House).


In honor of Jimmy Buffett we should play Margaritaville.  Maybe we can add in the "lost verse":

Old men in tank tops,

Cruisin' the gift shops,

Checkin' out chiquitas, down by the shore

They dream about weight loss,

Wish they could be their own boss

Those three-day vacations can be such a bore

Kanikapila: Everybody Picks a Song 

June 18 from 2pm to 4pm.   Dirck will lead Wagon Wheel and Blowing in the Wind. June suggests  Rainbow Connection,As Tears Go By, The Way You Look Tonight, You Belong to Me, Where is Your Heart, (in PorchFest 2021 and 2023 lists), plus Scarborough Fair, Love is All Around.  Reid: Country Road.  Judy: Let it Be. Shu: Charlie on the MTA, City of New Orleans. John V: Galway Girl. Anybody else? 

Weather looks like rain - we will play at Sanborn House.  15 High Street, Winchester, MA 01890


PORCHFEST June 10th, 2023

At the Unitarian Church in Winchester: overlooking the intersection of Main St and Mystic Valley Parkway.  From 3-4pm. See https://porchfest.win for latest information.  Let's plan on playing around 3pm for as long as folks can stand it (one hour? more?).   Suggestions welcome.  Song List Rev1.  If others come up we can add but thiss is the basic list. We can skip any ones upon request.   Also BrownEyedGirl(inG)

Judy, Beth, Denise, Reid, Dirck, Dottie, Sarah,  ...(Shukong)...


Aberjona River Day // Earth Day // April 22, 2023


Location is on Mystic Valley Parkway between Main St and Waterfield Road - see the "dropped pin" in the map to the right.  Tentative playlist below.  Come play between 9 and 12 (not the entire time).   Direct link to the PDF HERE.


Music and art are our last hope for saving the planet. 



Short version.

July 20-23, 2023 -- Ukuleles in the Mountains

Early announcement of an informal Mountain Uke gathering at the World Fellowship Center (Conway NH).  Thursday through Sunday. Keep your eyes open for more news from Dan and Molly.  


February 26th, Sunday 2-4pm.   Playalong at Sanborn House.

I've made some notes on "Danny Boy" - the plucking pattern in the Tablature format - the numbers are which fret to hold. Send me a note if you have questions. 


Playalong: February 12th Sunday 2-4pm.   Change of venue -- we will be playing at Brightview in Arlington.    Details as things firm up.  Who wants to lead a song?   June, Denise, Beth, Dirck, Reid, Suzanne, Judy, Dottie, Bill D, , and myself! 

Playalong: January 29th Sunday 2-4pm.    Sanborn House, Winchester. 

Getting ready for BrightView Arlington (playing Feb 12)-- Song sheets in this folder

(plus selections from the PorchFest 2021 book)

Playalong at the Sanborn House (15 High Street Winchester) on Sunday January 15, 2-4pm.   The old PorchFest book for now https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jZBLxb_SgYuyQA51tWFJHldMp0mXg5Jb/view?usp=share_link -- many of you probably already have it.  Let me know if you have song(s) you want to do. Remind me if you have already told me but I have not yet included them :-).  And "You Belong To Me" (1952 Jo Stafford Song).