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All of Me (in G)

All of Me (in G)

​Notice that the first 2 chords G --> B7 can be done with the same shape, just shift the G shape up one string (from strings 123 to 234). How clever is THAT?

Similarly, in the third line, going from B7 --> Em, the diagonal shape shifts from strings 234 to 123.

The last two lines:

C6 - "You" is on the open A string (look ma no fingers!)

Bm7 - "once" is barred second fret, and the melody note is on string 2.

We should play this twice, from top to bottom.


2021, November 20th: Farmer's Market at the Jenks Center in WInchester, 11am-2pm

At the Jenks Center in Winchester. The market is 10-2, we will play after the music school students take their stage, maybe starting at 11am.

​​Send in songs you want to play!